What are some more good, fun, pop n' slap songs to play on bass that are by Red Hot Chili Peppers or Rage Against the Machine? (Other than the ones mentioned below). I'm having trouble finding more songs like these to play.

Get Up and Jump
Freaky Styley
Naked in the Rain
Tell Me Baby
Fight Like a Brave
Blackeyed Blond
Can't Stop

Take the Power Back
Know Your Enemy
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Take the Power Back is the only RATM song that is slapped brah.

And I fail to see why you would limit yourself to one band and a song in terms of slapping, or in terms of anything. This is what you can do if you are stuck on just RHCP. Buy all their albums and go through all the songs. Find which ones have slapping. Profit.
Bombtrack and Bulls on parade from RATM can have some slap, i play a few riffs of each slapped and like it. Makes the song feel more, energetic to me
Skinny Sweaty Man
What It Is
Stone Cold Bush (Solo will change your life)
@Pie is that not skinny shorty man? I may be wrong.
Yeah definitely learn that Stone Cold Bush solo! You should go check out some Primus too.
Some of Storm in a Teacup
thanks, and its not that i am limiting myself to certain bands/songs, i just am a fan of rhcp and flea's bass playing.