One of my good friends wants to learn how to play bass guitar but the trouble is that it will be his first experience with a stringed instrument. His only musical experience comes from the clarinet which probably doesn't build up callous during casual playing. Will it be torture on his hands if he starts out on the bass? I never had to worry about building up callous because my first instrument was for orchestra. But I've seen people in pain just from playing guitar because they didn't have any. Are bass strings a lot tougher on the fingers, or is the pain going to come from his hand being tired from pushing down on the strings?
guitar strings are actually harsher on the fingers, though bass was my first string instrument and i wondered why the strings felt sticky and realized i'd made my fingers bleed...
bass guitar will be fine
if you cant hack the level 1 pain (out of ten)
then their is something wrong
its just like learning anything new it will feel different at first

when u started riding a bike u feel off, slight pain but who cares
It's sad if he can't suck it up. He should start off with whatever he likes. Bass sounds awesome! =D
Bass was my first stringed instrument and I came out fine. It's just a matter of buidling calluses. Eventually, very very very hot things will pose no threat to your finger tips

Although I think the guitar is worse on your fingers (atleast the fretting hand) because the strings rub against the very tip of your fingers right under you nails (unless you have poopy technique) which is, imo, a more senstive area.
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Alright, he read on Yahoo answers that bass is a terrible string instrument to start out with. Just wanted to show him it isn't.
nothing is wrong with that. a lot of people start on bass.
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Its like getting anal for the first time. It hurts like hell but eventully ull get used to it and itll feel fine

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Alright, he read on Yahoo answers that bass is a terrible string instrument to start out with. Just wanted to show him it isn't.

pfffff. yahoo answers is for arseholes.
just look at "how is babby born? how girl get pragnent"

I played piano before bass, and bass was my first stringed instrument.

and to the comment about very very hot things on fingertips, i've been playing hard and extensively for a year now, my fingertips have yet to be able to withstand too much heat
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I played violin before bass, but they're not really similar at all in how you play them. The pain won't be from getting tired from pushing down the strings (unless the bass he gets has an unfixable, super-high action), but rather from blisters. If he can toughen up to a few blisters, then it'll be perfectly fine as a first string instrument
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i started out on flute when i was about 7 and started bass when i was 15. its not TOO hard to teach yourself if you have a decent sense of rhythm.
EDIT: i didn't get any pain in my fingertips that i can remember, but callouses built up anyway
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When I started playing bass 7 yrs ago (I was 7 yrs old), it was because I didn't like to play guitar. My first few lessons was guitar lessons. I thought my fingers were too big, I was touching the wrong strings while doing chords. Then I played bass; it was rlly cool! Now I play Guitar, Bass and Drums ^^