==== http://roomp3.com/mp3-7854-Dethklok_illcoyote-Thunderhorse.html ====

It's pretty much the entire thing but it's not 100% finished because my computer only has 250MB ram and as I was about to finish recording it, the stupid computer reached its limits lol It's all I was able to get and I just don't feel like setting everything up again just to finish some minor details =\ Seriously.... I went through some DEEP pain in the brain dealing with the slow always crashing computer while doing this lol. Enjoy!

I used a cheap $150 yamaha guitar I bought about 5 years ago, a behringer BASS amplifier =P (weird huh? I don't have a guitar amp, it blew up lol) and a metal zone distortion pedal =P. Recorded with an XML condenser microphone. Not the best quality but I like how it came out =] Got the guitarback from guitarbackingtracks.com or something like that (google: thunderhorse guitar back)

Comments are appreciated!
sounds good. It could be the quality of the recording but it sounds like some or your harmonized parts aren't quite synched up. sounds great for what gear you used though!
might be, or maybe I just need to perfect my tempo/rhythm better =P I mean, because of the cheap computer used, after recording it, I would have to move the track about 0.19 seconds forward for it to be synched with the song. For some reason, it would record it all weird like that (cheap computer). Might be the cause...

But also, I don't really put alot of work into my recording and don't like re-doing parts so I usually just leave them so long as their not wayy off =P (unless I'm making something proffesional of course, but I guess I'm no there yet) But meh, I hadn't practiced this song in so long lol, I had to have guitar pro open while recording it so I could see the beginning part of the song 'cuz I couldn't remember it xD

Thanks for the comment =]