Hi I am an absolute guitar noob, who sees a lot of songs written in guitar chords (above the lyrics) here.
However, I do not understand why the writers don't include the strumming patterns for the song as well.
For a noob like me, figuring out the strumming pattern is really hard.. Can the song simply be played in any strumming pattern of one's liking? Is there a standard way to figure out the strumming patterns?
just play along with the song. you'll get it.
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I used to be in the same boat 2.5 years ago and had a ****-all attitude about music. I suggest you look up some of the theory lessons on here or on the web. Learn about measures, bars, rhythm notation, note duration, tempo, and all that other good stuff.
Metronomes are a big help too, not specifically for strumming patterns, but they will shapen up your timing.

Just go ahead and look up all that stuff. It'll take some time, of course. Don't get discouraged though. You'll gradually improve, and you'll realize that their is some much to learn.

Another thing. When playing songs, don't stop because you made a mistake. Go through the entire song a couple of times, then work on the errors that you keep making. Sounds like you'll develop bad habits with this method, but it actually helps you isolate your mistakes. That's a big help when it comes to ironing out of your problems.
hey all and esp huevos, tks for your prompt replies!
today is my first day being a member of UG and this is my first post, and I really touched and impressed by the help i've got here.
Just listen to the song and try to replicate it and if it is really hard there are always videos on youtube. But also I think it's better sometimes not to copy the song totally, for example different strumming patterns
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