I know this is a noob question to ask, but I seem to be having difficulty with string skipping with like ONE STRING. As in, G-string to B-string. I use economy picking usually, so what should I practice to overcome this?
uhm string skip slowly? there really isnt some sort of magic way to learn string skipping other than playing it ridiculously slow with a metronome
crossing strings can be difficult to some. and how you cross strings really should be specific to what you're playing. some situations call for economy picking, some require alternate, some require others.
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skipping strings is defined as going from one string to another........so g to b counts.....as well does g to e.....and just do it slowly and i prefer to not economy pick because you wont get the same rythmic feal out of the lick....if you alternate pick the whole thing then it will sound better and be easier to keep in time.....but slow is the way to go on this one however you do it.....try with a metronome for like 2 min at one speed......then up the speed a little....get goint as fast as you can play it cleanly, then just leave it there for a couple min, then dont try it again till the next day and repeat the process
This is a G chord....i used to be in a cranberries tribute band.
No, G to B isn't "string skipping." String skipping is skipping over a string not going to the next one without skipping any.

TS, you should practice alternate picking to get your right hand adept, and when string skipping, try to get an outside picking motion going. Of course, go slow and use a metronome, keep the notes even.
String skipping eh..?

I think the intro to : Sweet Child o Mine - GnR's is string skipping
It was really hard for me at first , but set your metronome to like 40 and learn that riff then speed up.
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I disagree that alternate picking with outside picking is better for string skipping, I use economy pretty much 100% of the time.
If you watch Freepower's video on picking mechanics and motions to give you some idea, but basically if you can clear strings by using some rotation about your wrist. That's what I do and it seems to work well enough. There's always legato and hybrid picking
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