Hey everyone. I've been teaching myself guitar now for about seven months, and I'm starting to notice my technique and how I hold my guitar.

When I play, my thumb usually sticks up and curves out to my right (I'm a lefty, so for most of you, picture your thumb sticking up and out to the left.) Even though It does this, I still try to keep my fingers as parallel to the fretboard as possible. Is this okay as long as my fingers are parallel? I'm trying to keep my thumb down as much as possible...
For bending strings, its alot easier to have ur thumb up top of the neck, u get more leverage or something and its just alot less effort required. Thats pretty much the only thing, i mean if you are comfortable that way, and u find no difficulties playing anything because of it, then i would say ur fine. Just bends would be easier with a higher placement of the thumb even overlapping sometimes (at least i do that).
No, it's not really fine. Your thumb should (and this isn't a rule, more of a guideline) face the center of your fingers, between 2 and 3. Variation is fine but as a habit you want to encourage your hand to use it's natural muscle configuration most profitably.
very well worded! thanx for the correction... ill have to see where my thumb is now haha. but that makes alot of sense. thanks