I'm gonna try to make something in Game Maker, and figured I'd do a Mario game, except with a different person besides Mario. So, I of course, need the music and fx. Anyone know of such a site?
Perhaps google it?

Idk. Probably do what the other guy said.
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I don't have a website, but here are the
ingredients needed for homemade video game effects:

Tried searching a soundboard?

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A soundboard would probably work. Or if you can download a mario game as a zip file somewhere, you could get all the sounds with it. I think..
Synth --> Square Wave.

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Synth --> Square Wave.

Then just arpeggiate major chords for a positive additive.
Minor chords for something that's gone awry.
And major 9th chords for something magical.
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or try my way.

I can't believe they skipped over yours, the easiest solution. Seriously.
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It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

Google themushroomkingdom.
They have tons of mario stuff, and I'm sure they have sounds. Also google mario wavs.
This should be pretty simple.
Wow, my internet stops working for an hour and a half, and I come back to my thread being 90% Herman Ri answers.

jrcsgtpeppers, how do I download the songs from that site?
Thanks. I'm not too sure. I just came across that two days ago. I was looking for the jazzy super mario bros. 2 overworld song and I found that. Try right clicking the play. Not sure.