Hi all, hoping some of you can help shed some light on the cause of the pain I started experiencing in the middle joint of my fretting hand's index finger.
After literally years of not playing I started up again with gusto, going from not playing at all to playing 2hrs a night. after about 4 months of this is when I first started experiencing the joint pain - saw my doc who of course said it was an RSI and to rest and use Ibuprophen.
Anyhow, I was checking out an old post on UG from someone with a similar problem and there was one reply that ask if he curved his index finger inward, like making a banana shape, as this would make him susceptible to a very common guitarist injury.
As soon as I saw that, I realized that I do this a lot as a kind of shorthand-barre (2-3 strings). Anyone else know about this being a technique that can lead to injury?

Thanks All!
If you're talking about just using the first segment of the finger to barre 2-3 strings, everyone does that. How long has it been since you started playing again?

Listen to your doctor. Doctor > UG.
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Listen to your doctor. Doctor > UG.

+1. also not be an idiot and go immediately into intensive practice.
Thanks for the reply Blaster, and masterp for what it's worth
It was about 4 months into playing guitar again that this happened.
I should stress that I'm not looking for treatment tips, more prevention - obviously I overdid it, but I'm wondering if my technique also had something to do with it.
That is the kind of barre I'm talking about (last segment of finger), but I'm specifically wondering about bending that last joint inward towards the fretboard, as a previous poster indicated this can cause injury.
I just posted this in reply to another thread about playing-related pain, but thought I should CC it here for anyone in the future.

What finally did help...

A couple of weeks ago I visited a licensed massage-therapist. She said the muscles/tendons in my forearms were the tightest she's felt on anyone - like they'd all adhered together. At one point she was pressing a spot on the inside of my elbow joint and that caused the pain in my finger to flare-up (referred-pain).

After 40 minutes of deep-tissue massage on my forearms, what a difference!!! It was like I had two new arms! After one visit my finger pain was gone! It will take more visits to really work all the kinks out, but it's so worth it!

Another thing she got me doing at home is contrast baths - alternately soaking my arms and hands in hot, then cold water ( 3 mins hot, 1 min cold X 3). As hot as you can stand without scalding, and the colder the better (ice water). It actually feels amazing and is very good at reducing inflammation and promote healing.

Hope this helps someone!