Out of interest what is the effect on the main guitar riff to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m15pPKFxd6o

I know the beginning helicopter type thing is probably delay, im not interested in that. I'm wondering what effect it is on the main guitar riff, sounds really squishy and synth like. Anyone got any ideas on what this is? I've heard guitar synths but i dont think i've heard anything like that before.

edit: helpful comments appreciated
sounds like an overdriven bass to me, with a bit of that reverse effect.
To me, it sounds like a guitar running thru a heavy fuzz and then thru some sort of filter.
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Fuzz + volume swells + panning = that.


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To me, it sounds like a guitar running thru a heavy fuzz and then thru some sort of filter.

i was thinking something like that, i kind of got that weird 'forced' compression sound where the pick attack seems to come fast and then dies down when i put a lot of fuzz over my amp when it was overdriven quite a lot (valve amp btw) but i was thinking maybe the song had some sort of guitar synth thing going on or something
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Fuzz + volume swells + panning = that.

i agree
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sounds like a bass playing through a fuzz, they recorded it and played it backwards

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Sounds like the intro to Cochise by Audioslave. Slapping the strings with slapback delay.
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