i just want to add a little reverb to one of my tracks on reaper, but i time i select fx and add one of them, any of them, it makes beeping noises every 3-4 seconds, i have no idea why it does this but it renders the fx useless. does anyone know how to fix this? is it because i havent actually purchased reaper so its kind of like a little watermark they put in there? thats the only thing i can think of
i dont think its the watermark thing, i use reaper and i havent bought it and it doesnt do that so yea

EDIT: although now that i think about it...i might have used a torrent
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ya its a sony plugin, but all the fx in the menu are under the "all plugins tab", so there all plugins
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Sony may have a watermark on its product (I don't know if you own it legally). I would personally recommend just using the ReaVerbate plugin that comes with Reaper. Its pretty great.
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The beeping noises is a security feature on most demo sounds. It does it so you can hear what it sound like, but can't use it. When you upgrade and buy the full product, which is not Reaper but the Sony software, it will not have the beeping. It is the same when you download some sound effects over the net, for example police sirens or chopper sounds.

Search free plugins. Some of it sounds almost as good as the more expensive stuff.
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like search google for free plugins?

Exactly. Try to find some of the Pluggo stuff, I think some of it is free.
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