Lately my guitar playing's been pretty bland and just non satisfying . I've still been practicing everything my teacher gives me, learning scales all that but i just don't feel the excitement i did when i first started learning and playing. I really think i need some inspiration and have tried a lot of stuff to try and get back into it to no avail. You guys know any ways to get me re-inspired or to help my playing a bit so i can be happy with my guitar sound again.
Stop playing for a while.

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Start learning some new songs from tabs here on UG. Find a song you've been listening to a lot lately and just start playing it. Listening to some new kinds of music might help.
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-Get a new teacher, maybe?
-Find the tabs for your favorite song and learn to play it.
-If you primarily play electric, play some acoustic stuff, and vice versa.
-Try learning a new instrument. A while ago, I found myself somewhat bored with guitar, so I started teaching myself piano. It helped a lot, and I can play some piano now too.
-Do something that is a huge challenge. It could be on guitar or another instrument. Just make it something that will take you weeks, if not months, to master. Just learn a little every day and watch as you progress.
-Listen to some music completely different from what you listen to/play currently.
-Buy a really fancy expensive guitar.

Some of those should probably help. The last one is kind of a joke though. I do not encourage GAS.
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look into a new genre. i like to learn classical music when i'm in that sort of position. it feels almost mathematical and i like the complexity of the harmonies, it's a nice refreshing change that gets me playing again.

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