im putting a band together with some guys i played with in previous bands, and i cant work out whether i want to get myself a singer and play lead guitar myself, or do both and make a kind of solo band like wolfmother or foo fighters

after spending the last few years with my other bands writing practically all the songs and being the general driving force, i wouldnt want some random guy to come along and steal all the limelight and get no respect myself (maybe im being too egotistic!), but on the other hand, it seems most bands have 2 main personalities; slash and axl, plant and page, tom morello and chris cornell, frusciante and keidis?

after all ive always been though the leader in the band and assumed i would therefore take the frontman role, but im more comfortable as a guitarist anyway

so essentially is it better to swallow my pride and let someone else take the stage (at risk of being pushed into the background, despite the success of some lead guitarist/singer duos), or try and do everything myself just so i can finally get recognised as the songwriter instead of an average background band member?
if you're a good singer and can play guitar and sing at the same time without problems, you should go for it
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well that depends..... can you sing?

i can but im more comfortable just playing guitar, which is why i initially thought having someone who is an actual charismatic frontman would be an advantage. but as i said, as the driving force of the band and the sole songwriter would it be right to do so, and let another guy take the limelight? or do you think there is room for equal credit for the lead guitarist and the singer
If you're good people will recognize you

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Lets use Pearl Jam as an example here. Eddie Vedder: maybe the greatest singer/frontman in rock history. Do the other guys care that everyone loves Eddie and pay the most attention to him? No, they get to play awesome music. I find that you're not going to get much attention if you just stand there but if you run around and rock out then people are going to notice you.

Basically, if you want attention you're going to have to go out and grab it. Don't rely on being the frontman if you just want to be noticed. Angus Young is iconic because he catches your eye with his stage antics. I'm not telling you to be Angus or Eddie Vedder but if you have stage presence then you WILL be noticed.


Notice how Vedder takes the show for most of the video but at the end its the whole band that's taking the spotlight. Again, you dont have to rock out as hard as they do but at least try to draw some attention when the music gets intense like that. Feel the music and let it flow, don't restrict yourself to anything.