WTF? Not because of the bridge, but because of this crappy image.
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firstly really bad image(to close so blurry)

wash your hands before playing and wipe the guitar down afterwards.

have you tried cleaning it off?

it`s probably not fungus it`s probably the plating on your trem becoming tarnished `cos your not cleaning the guitar properly.
Quote by Pac_man0123
Guys i think that's his trem block, with what looks like mold on it

good observation...
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Quote by Ghost_bass
good observation...

Well seeing how 4 people had complained about the blurry image and only one of them provided some advice which wasn't even relevant since you don't touch the trem block when you play last i checked, i figured i'd point that out. And one other person just asked "Does it itch" which doesn't help much either.

Thanks for being an ass, try to help next time, mmkay?
it looks like 3 elephants
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Congratulations, looks like your axe has AIDS.

On a serious note, TS, could you give a diagnosis from this?:

Neither could we.
It's lupus.

If you could provide a better image, we'd be able to give you some better help. However, it seems like your bridge has tarnished.
Quote by lukeylynch
Congratulations, looks like your axe has AIDS.

On a serious note, TS, could you give a diagnosis from this?:

Neither could we.

correct. it appears this guitar has aids because you didn't clean off the FINGER POO soon enough and it got into the grain of the wood and caused toilet fungus to grow on the hardware...

the message between the lines: we need better pics
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Finger poo eh? My diagnosis - pink eye/trem.

White vinegar will get rid of that...
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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hey its a 2mp cell phone cam so dont complain.
Is corrosion white in color?Its a sorta crumbly powder, i tried sticking the tremolo arm in there and the stuff came off on the thing. And the guitar is brand new, bought it like 3 days ago.

This better?

Advice would really be preferable to smart alec comments.
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Do you ever wash it? It isn't fungus. I would try washing it, if it doesn't go away, then I guess ask a profesional.
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zinc corroding maybe? i have no idea though :S might wanna return the guitar if possible and get a replacement
new guitar=new warranty, if your not happy take it back to the store.

25% of the gold has come of my jem`s bridge it`s just 1 of those things you expect with wear and tear, you gtr being 3 days old though just look like skin flakes in the pic.

clean it leave it alone for a couple of days or so and see what happens.
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It might just be the cheap finish on the metal bridge starting to wear off.

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It's the trem block ffs, who gives a crap what it looks like?
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Have you been using your guitar to smuggle cocaine? That's about the only thing I can think of. I've never seen or heard of this happening before.

Anyway, resize your pictures. Never post a picture that's more than 640 pixels wide, it buggers up the forums and makes it hard for most people to view it clearly. 800 pixels wide at a push if you really have to. Posting full, undedited 2592 wide images is obnoxious.
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In my starcaster, there was a white powder inside the cavities, almost a talcum powder-like texture. I think it may just be dust or powder of some kind from the factory the guitar was made in and they didn't bother to clean it off.
Quote by Pac_man0123
In my starcaster, there was a white powder inside the cavities, almost a talcum powder-like texture. I think it may just be dust or powder of some kind from the factory the guitar was made in and they didn't bother to clean it off.

It may be a form of concrete actually. I've seen it before.
its oxidization, wipe it off with some steel wool, and then spray paint it with anti-rust paint
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You know I could have seen the exact same blurry blob if you had made the pic half that size.
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It looks like corrosion to me I have seen this hundreds of times on less expensive trems made with white metal. Is it a LFR or an OFR? What type of guitar is it? the one in your sig or a different one? Where do you keep it? I find guitars people keep in damp places like a basement room get like this very fast. I live on the ocean and we get a lot of salt air I get really worried about corrosion strings on my guitars get rusty very fast no matter how I store them or how much I clean them. Did you buy the guitar at a guitar shop? I would bring it back and show them and see if they would address it. I have cleaned these off and coated them with a black epoxy paint so far it seems it stopped the corrosion with out effecting tone.

If it was mold it would attack the wood first someplace that would stay damp so the mold could grow. I have seen several guitars in the years with mold. I took the cavity cover off one guitar I was repairing that was stored in a very damp basement the mold was and 1/8th of an inch thick inside the cavity cover and all thru the wire routing thru the rest of the guitar. It was nasty stuff too Black Mold!

Edit: I doubt it's chalk I can see where you scraped it and it's in the metal not on top of it. That doesn't mean he can't clean it though.
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