Can you be more specific on your budget?
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well a great working floyd bridge would be an original floyd and they cost around 200 all by themselves so there arent really any guitars like that. cheap guitars have cheap parts and theres really no way to get around the "you get what you pay for" thing. i would say ibanez has the nicest cheap guitars with a decent locking trem though. and you could always find a guitar you like that has a cheap-o floyd copy and just replace it with the real deal when it wears out or right away if its already not functioning right which might happen with a year of playing or right out of the box.
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And the cheapest.

Both have the Floyd Rose Special Bridge which is essentially the same as an OFR but it is built in South East Asia and has a Zinc block and saddles. Google Floyd Rose special, they're decent trems.
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Cort KX5FR is under £300 in UK. Anything much less will not have a nice FR. (Yes I know Swift do their Metal Axe for £59 but its a £5 trem on it.)
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Dude I think what you need is a Peavey Predator Plus EXP ($219 in Musician's Friend). They are pretty good quality for the money: