Well i hold my pick with my thumb and index finger. But i have noticed that my thumbs slips away from the pick due sweating, which really bugs me because i cant play fast.

Does someone has an idea how to solve this?
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do your hands sweat a lot?

in normal situations/
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gloves , like, those moto X biker gloves
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Tortex picks prevent losing grip of the pick also you could try and drill 3 or more holes where your thumb holds the pick (drill the holes on the pick!!!).

Edit:I've heard of something called Gorilla Snot http://www.zzounds.com/item--GRSGOSNOT which helps in this case.
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I use JS heavy picks but i will try putting holes on the pick if it doesn't work i will get some of those tortex picks
George Bernard Shaw

Hell is full of musical amateurs.