i want to experiment and write something kasabian-like and i'm just wondering how you guys write a song influenced by another band or artist.

i know that for it to sound like kasabian i need to use synths and intricate drumbeats and bass a lot but are there any tips for geting influences from songs
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Find out in what Mode(s) their songs are written. Find out their song structure, how do they: intro, progress from verse to chorus, from chorus to verse? how do they build up a break down, a bridge? what certain element do you see in all their songs. Whats the presence of Lead and rythm instruments?
Modes are highly unlikely to have anything to do with most bands.

TS, just listen to their stuff and analyze it.
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could you give examples of those things with another band e.g. led zeppelin, bon jovi etc.?
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I think the best way is to make a list of 10 songs. List the chord progressions (roman numerals), look for common intervals in the lead lines, make note of when the drummer starts or ends fills, and common patterns they use, list the tempos the songs are at, what structure they use, etc.
cool i'll start doing that then now
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I just try to get it to sound like it in spirit. it might end up sounding a lot different but there's still a link.


AC/DC - based completely around the rhythm/beat
Creedence Clearwater Revival - lots of twangy notes, again based around the beat
Slayer - gloomy mood
Nirvana - keep it simple. imagine vocals in Kurt Cobain's voice
BB King - soft gentle picking (even though he doesn't always do that)
Judas Priest - quick palm muted notes with higher pitched ones (a few steps up) every bar or so (listen to Electric Eye after the intro riff)
Black Sabbath - slower tempo, focus more on a heavy tone
Parkway Drive - repeating the same notes several times, but making them sound different by changing the amount of palm muting, and picking aggression

Better yet, come up with your own and your influence kind of shows
Listen to their music on rotation. You will find repeating ideas of some sort. Different bands have different things. For example some artists you will find their style lies within their chord progressions. It's only natural for people writing to repeat certain ideas that they feel comfortable with and have used for considerable amounts of time.

Sometimes it's more within the arrangements of the instruments, for example, maybe the drum beats are often a certain style etc. Guitar style is a big one. People often try to write in the style of a certain band or artist, but they miss the mark on what the defining things of that band are. Again, it's only natural for guitarists to repeat ideas they know or like. Depending on who it is, you will find a lot by breaking down the guitar parts. You will probably find throughout their songs similar sorts of voicings in the chords, maybe a certain way of playing things there.

With any band or artist you will find these repeated ideas of some sort. Saying something like "slow songs" is useless because how many songs in the world are slow? If you're trying to nail a bands sound you have to look a lot deeper than that.

Best thing to do for now is just listen to lots and lots of the artist you are trying to get the sound of -- you will start to hear the things that make it what it is. As said above, in instrumentation, progressions, tone, etc. Playing a lot of the songs in the style you want will help a great deal, instead of just listening.

I agree with others in that try to get your own style but of course there is nothing wrong with copying others while you do this, while you discover what you like, etc
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