I have been trying to play six pounder by CoB, but should I palm mute the notes, I think it sounds better when i do, much tighter but is there something wrong with my playing if I have to do this?

I have had similar problems in the past but don't often play more than down 1/2 a step so its not an issue.

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i dont see what you are getting at here..
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What gauge strings are you using? Dowwwwnpiiiicckkkiinggggg
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i play 10-60 for sixpounder, i dont actually mute the main riff, i mute the open top string part though but it sounds to me you just need to find your 'Groove' with the song and if you want to get it 100% perfect just listen to the song and play along, or watch the tutorials as hes quite good with showing what hes doing on them even though his technique is abit sloppy.

as i said look at the way he plays the ong live and it will probably help you more
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I am using an ernie ball hybrid slinky, heavy bottom end ones which are better for detuned stuff. I guess its like you say, you just have to play what sounds best.
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