G'day folks.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of songs fro me to learn.
I'd probably fit under intermediate in skill level,
Playing mainly Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Show off Satch and Vai.

I'm kinda stuck on what to learn next, and have been fiddling around with songs like
The Crying Machine - Vai
Satch Boogie - Satriani
Midnight - " "
and more mainstream stuff like:
Ozzy Osbourne, ect.

I wanna get some good showoff stuff together,
like tapping, and basic sweeping, (MAYBE, I'm still crap at sweep)

I've scanned through the Intermediate and Advance tab thread, and had not real great inspiration to learn any of them.

Thanks <3

you should try sum early metallica, i now most of there first three albums, sum is basic and sum is not you should try it though its good stuff and people are amazed by it, i go to guitar shops and play metallica and blow people away with that stuff man!!!
try it!