Not epic in the slightest, I got this from my grandparents for finishing school. Can't wait to get home to push my Big Muff a bit with the thingie
What is it.
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The image's reversed - Mac webcams do have that strange habit. It's an EHX LPB-1, basically, a power booster with some dirt when the boost is set pretty high. Supposed to work awesome with a Big Muff.
didi you flip the picture? if my backwards reading skills are good i assume its a booster pedal
like he just said, its an EHX linear power booster, its good infront of most overdrives and distortions to boost the signal a little.

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You idiots, it's not a boost pedal, it's a T5008!
(that's boost backwards..)
Just kidding, happy NPD
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I used to have one of these, great pedal.

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I've got one. Great for pushing your amp into overdrive, and adding a bit of fatness.
Looks like people got tired of all those "fake/epic" NPDs - so much response to a small booster
Thanks! Tried it out, awesome - very warm when overdriving the amp and adds some nice high-end when overdriving my Big Muff. Cool stuff
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And Macs flip pictures, not me.

you can always flip them back in photoshop.
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