I've just learnt about Piezo (bridge) pick ups for solid body's last night, and I thought here at UG we could have a thread to discuss them, as they don't seem to be well documented.

I have a few questions myself - regarding this,

1) Since these pickups work from vibrations rather than magnetic field distortions, how would one be wired up?

2) Will they work well as passive, or do I need a pre-amp - alot of places document these as being active pickups.

I know very little on these pickups for Solid Body's, so if anyone has any information they can share it will be greatly appreciated.

here is a link to the only youtube video I could find showing a Piezo bridge in a regular solid body.
don't make this a discussion thread, just ask the question you don't know. If you want a discussion google piezo pickups.

1) There are tutorials on how to do it

2) You can either have them without a preamp or with, your choice.
Pete Townsend,guitarist for the Who, has a piezo system in all of his guitars. His set up is an emg preamp, and piezo system on an eric clapton strat with 3 lace sensor pickups. Look up his stuff for a more general idea.

My guitar is an eric clapton body with warmoth custom neck with maple fretboard, a boss metal zone pedal turned into a preamp, two dimarzio stacked single coil pickup(bridge and neck) and a piezo system in the bridge. With the system you get a Y cable so you can generally hook your acoustic to the house mixer and the electric part to your amp. I also have a switch made to switch from one or the other or I can bleed both together if I only have one amp.
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