How should I learn them? Like learn each position, tand learn them so I can play them all around the neck, and then combine them?

But when I play them combined: http://www.digifoot.se/images/Minor-Pentatonic-Scales.gif

Do I play all the notes on the E first, then A, then D etc. or something else, like play eahc position or what..? sorry im a bit of a spazz..
This is how i did it:

i learned how to use it in the first position. A good tool for this would be jam tracks, preferably blues or something like that. Then, once i could play the first position without really focusing, i began adding notes from the other positions.
But when people say "I ocmbined them" does that mean playing it like in that link? Like with the notes on the E string first, then the A... etc
I kept playing first position until I could improvise with it. Then I learned what shapes went fit in with first position and i would improvise with the shape that came before and after it.
I just learned the pentatonics in one position (A I think) then to get them in the other positions you just move the root note along. Then I learned the other shapes (5th string root etc) and moved them. The shapes are really not too difficult to remeber. The different positions just allow you to move around the fretboard more and give you more options.
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Learn the notes and intervals that make up the scale. It will make it a lot easier to play all over the neck than just learning random patterns. Learn the scale on one string. Learn it on two string combinations. Learn the 5 "boxes." Learn to go up the neck using 3 notes per string. Learn to move from box 1 to box 2, etc.

But still, I go back to my first point. Learn which notes/intervals make up the scale. It will make it a lot easier for you in the long run, even though it's more work in the beginning. Don't think of the scale as 5 interchangable notes, each note has it's own quality and purpose.
Just play whatever the hell you want using any of those notes in any order....there's only 5 of 'em. Just make sure you pay attention to the chords you're playing over and make sure you choose your notes accordingly.
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