The studio used was fantastic, we got exactly the sound we wanted. Real credit to the technician that recorded us all nice people there.


This is my band.


influences....er......stone roses, oasis, the straycats, the jam, manic street preachers, rolling stones, and lots of other stuff really.

Been waiting 3 years to get this organised and it's finally and expensively come together this weekend so really, any feedback regardless would just be a blessing to me.
It took 3 years to record 4 songs? :P Dayuuuuum.

Anyway, good music, although it's not the type I usually listen to..
And you're right, the recording is quite good .

What does your band name mean?
Nah took 3 years to get round to writing the damn things.

Er, the other 2 members are ex-army, so when they were leaving to star tht eband back up and getting hazings, 'you're just gonna be ****ing civvies' and what not.....well, it's to shove it to them I suppose.
Listening to the Summon, I thought it was pretty damn good. I don't know if this is insulting or not, but your singer reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic.