hello folks. been a while since I threw something on here... anyway, another of my "creations". it's rather effed up, heavy, weird, all over the place and ugly. in a way, it's a conscious nightmare... hope you guys won't find it uber-repulsive ;]

c4c (duh)
Happy Happy Hippos.zip
Parts 1 - 5
When I first ever heard this, I was hoping you'd keep going with it for at least a little longer - but, it works fine.
And then 2 shocks you right outta your seat... I enjoyed that :P
3 is simply riffing - it's fine, although I'm glad that you ended it soon. 4 was excellent. 5 contains some of your trademark tapping - but, I dunno, I feel that while it's decent, it's missing some magic...

Parts 6 - 10
Not much to say about 6 - didn't stand out to me. Now 7 is where I was simply listening and thinking to myself... WTF? That lasted for such a little time, yet I remember it as one of the defining moments of the song... 8 is a great buildup - one of my favourite parts. 9 took me aback slightly - it was weird to find yet another random short riff in the song, but it was also melodic! The horror! Then 10 I felt randomly came in, with one of the most jarring leads I've heard... And that rhythm was simply... a drag, I felt. Really hard to listen to... can't explain why... :/

Parts 11 - 13
11 is where the tempo and beat is picked up, and maintained for the rest of the song. The variation of the riff from 10 certainly made it easier to listen to. At 12, the main riff for the rest of the song comes in - and man do I find this depressing to listen to. It has a real apocalyptic vibe to it. The song continues in this vein for what I feel is perhaps a little too long, and then abruptly stops. And I am thankful... :P

I found this probably your least accessible song you've written - and that's saying a bit.
There some good points, as stated above, and some a little bad. The whole mood of the song becomes a little too overwhelming at parts, and it soon becomes a real mixture of riffs, and so it gets hard to separate each one out, and recognise it as coming from this song. Drums were simple, but effective - I like that.
Bass was great, and guitars were fine. No real musical flaws - it's just the structure and flow of the song was a little too hard to follow.

So, I found it above average, but not a masterpiece.

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Well, you guys can take my word for it - if you do listen, prepare for a real disturbing ride. Some of it is just plain demented, perhaps even "funny", but towards the end it gets so f***** EVIL, it just messes with your head badly.

Not a song to be judged by the usual standards, but I sure enjoyed.
Really weird. I don't think it works the way it is right now, but there's some amazing riffs in there.
I quite enjoyed the start haha, not to say the song went down hill after that. I'm used to listening to weird, kinda noisy stuff (Fantômas, Mr. Bungle, etc...). I don't really know what to say. I did enjoy it, but I can't really critique it any further. Sections 11-13 were bad ass as all hell. Kind of a shame more people don't listen to stuff like this but good work for the style of music.

EDIT: That's a hell of a tuning you got going there too

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My god, I just died a little inside.

Oh, and it was pretty much awesome too.
Cool from a compositional standpoint, but not something I would ever actually listen to.
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The intro is so very awesome : D

Both 2 and 3 are perfect (especially the "ooh" sound)

I didn't like 4 very much. It's not bad though.

I think that bar 34-37 is better than the lead after that. (the rhythm rocks.)

6 would be better without 50-53 IMO.

7 was so-so, and 8 was awesome

I don't think 9 fit with the rest of the song. 10 rocks.

YES! The oåh sound in bar 99 again!! It is used way to little nowadays.

The lead thing that starts at bar 116 wasn't that great.

Cool breakdown (?)

Your song was really awesome overall!! It sounds alot like Arsonists Get All The girls!!

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