i often search youtube for cool guitar videos. I try to spend time watching what their hands are doing and listen really carefully, but sometimes its just too difficult to see/hear whats going on [be it because of the poor audio/visual quality or because of my horrible skills at transcribing.]

Im asking if there is a way to slow down clips I find on youtube so I can isolate certain parts and clearly hear what is going on in the clip so that I am able to teach myself how to play said guitar part.

I have a youtube clip in mind that I want to teach myself, and I've figured out the first few notes, but it just gets too complicated to figure the rest out. And I don't really want to ask the guy to post a lesson on how to play it. It's one of those fingerstyle pieces that combine bass and melody.

So is there a way to slow down clips I find on youtube?
It's not free, but definitely worth investing in, and that's Transcribe!.

Edit: Or there's BestPractice, which is free; but I don't know if it can do video. If you really don't want to pay any money, you could use a tool to extract MP3s from YouTube videos and input that to BP; but then you wouldn't be able to watch the vid in slow motion.
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You can install Youtube Video Downloader 3.11 (free), download the video from youtube, import it into Windows Movie Maker, and then slow it down.
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