Hey guys.

My band are stepping it up a bit recently, getting as many gigs as we can...practicing, recording a lot, etc. And my bassist is looking at getting a new amp.

Now she's not a brilliant bassist, i'm sure she won't mind me saying, so really we're looking for a general, all purpose, reliable, powerful bass amp that fills a lot of space (me being the only guitarist in the band).

I've looked at some brands like Ashdown and Orange, but I thought it would benefit me to end to hear the opinions of seasoned bassists such as yourselves

Thanks in advance for any info.
I'm quite a big fan of ashdown amps, I don't think you could go wrong if you got one.
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Roland Cube Bass 100

I wouldn't suggest this over an ashdown mag or laney of similar price range as your paying for the effects/amp models (which aren't too great, I own the 30 and borrowed a cube 100 for a few months when I was starting out.)

Ashdown mag-300, laney RB and acoustic amps are all decent amps.
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ashdown all the wat really....price, size etc...?

Well, I think we're talking mid price range here, and size wise, something that can handle club and medium sized venue gigs and still sound like a beast.

Any recommendation on a particular model of Ashdown?

Thanks for the help
White Horse BP150. It's not a big brand but I have the BP80 and it's amazing for the price. I believe the 150 won bass amp of the year in a magazine but not sure which one.

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Whats your price range.

I suppose she doesnt want anything to big as shes(guessing now) not the strongest, so some lighweight cabs would prob be a godsend. Were in the world are you, i would highly recommend some barefaced cabs, leight weight and really really good.

Heads get something thats atleast 300+ watts, take her to some musicshops and get her to see what she likes and what you both think will suit the band best.
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Thanks for all the help guys, it looks like we might be going with an Ashdown Mag - 300 or something similar.

Also, Bassist Rising, I looked at 'White Horse' amps, and saw they had a tube half stack for like, 200 quid, seriously intrigued! Sounds too good to be true, have you got any idea how they sound?

I have to go with others, Ashdown amps are the way to go, I have 2, and hopefully expanding to buying a cab for my 180 Combo(which is essentially a head/cab in one(with additional cab out)

So yeah, Go Ashdown!
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Well, we tried out a few amps, including a couple of Ashdowns, but we ended up going with a Hartke. It sounds like a monster! She's really happy with it, and i'm a little jealous...haha...

It was a close call between the Ashdowns and the Hartke though, very close.
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good choice on the Hartke
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Hartke or Fender makes good amps
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