Another song out by ME D:

tryin to get noticed

i've been told my stuff ain't half bad so let me know what you think

not yet decided..gp5
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Criting as I listen.

I don't really dig the intro riff, I'm not a fan of these angular, chromatic things. Also, repeated way to many times.
Drum fill after the intro is nice though.
I don't really dig the second riff either (mainly because I'm not a fan of power chord riffs), the variation on it that comes afterwards is nice though.
The last riff have potential, but seriously, is it supposed to be 5 bars/in 5/4? I like the first two bars, but then it's kinda meh.

Work on it, rite?
I have to agree with GustavLW about the intro.

It's hard to tell what you "want" with the song after the part that begins at bar 18, but IMO you need a new riff :P And new drums, it doesn't feel like the song ever "begins".

This song could get much better with some more/new riffs, and better drums. Where is the snare?

It's a bit repetitive (as my post also is lol). The last riff would be cooler with better drums!

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