heres what i want to do... (note that the diagram shows a DPDT switch connected for a bypass/fx loop but im going to use a 3pdt to incorporate LEDs)

basically I know how to do everything apart from the 4p3t switch... originally i thought a 3p3t would be sufficient but there arent enough poles so 4p3t seems better.

just to avoid confusion, I have essentially merged two different functions into one box, so i have the footswitch for my amp on one side and the bypass/fx pedal on the other. this is just to save money and space on my pedalboard

heres the wiring part that i need doing, to save your time i set up a blank version,
you don't have to do the top 3pdt because i know how to do that, just the bottom section is needed

but to show where the inputs come from and outputs go to you might want to connect the 3pdt and 4p3t.

hope this all makes sense, any help is greatly appreciated!
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you have the schematics of this pedal? I want to start one more for me do not have much concept of electronics and need a more detailed project, if you let me know! will be a great help!

thanks bro