YES! I know that solids will sound better as they age but here's the deal I cant choose between a 3 yrs Old Fender with a spruce top and a lil ding for 200usd (which costs 400usd here in the philippines Brand new!) and a Brand new Samick with a solid top for 150usdk.. I am leaning towards the fender just because it's FENDER! and i really know nothing about acoustics nor solid top.. is there a real big noticeable change between the two tops?

and arent all Fender acoustics good?

Please help me decide.. thanks!
Fender acoustic guitars are okay... not amazing. Go for the guitar with a solid top. The difference is significant.
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It's up to you. Personally, I'd wait and save for better options (trust me, it's WELL worth it). Fender isn't a premium brand when it comes to acoustics, which is a huge change from the electric world... acoustics are not what they're known for at all.

With that note, don't pay into the name on the headstock. Don't buy a guitar just because it's a "Fender". Can you play the guitars yourself and make a judgement before you buy? If you can't, then that's another reason so save up and wait for better options - ones in which you know exactly what you're paying for and that you can try yourself. When it comes to used instruments you don't always know what you're buying into. Just be careful.

As far as the tops on the guitar, you're right in that solid tops sound better as they age. Tops can be a variety of different woods (like spruce, cedar, mahogany, etc.), and are either solid or laminate. Lower end guitars are usually laminate. As you begin to increase the price range you'll start to see solid tops with laminate back/sides, then solid top/back, then all solid wood.

Based on your options it seems like the Fender you like isn't even solid wood, so it won't sound nearly as good as a solid top or all solid wood guitar. The other one has a solid top (I'm guessing solid Spruce), but it's less expensive, so that's why I advise you to test them and make sure they feel good and are comfortable. You generally get what you pay for in this low range. However, just don't buy a guitar because of the brand (especially if the brand isn't even a high-roller in the Acoustic range). There are a lot of more important things to be looking for when buying an acoustic, like the ones I mentioned above. Ultimately, the decision is yours... so buy for reasons that you like the guitar. I hope I've given you some decent tips.
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