Has anyone been to Warped Tour yet? I'm kinda interested in seeing some of the setlists that the bands are gonna be playing, especially Alexisonfire, Underoath, and Thrice. But just tell me anything you remember, I'm curious.
- Whiny screamo pop song
- Whiny christian metalcore pop song

Also, tried google?
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Haven't been, but if you like pop-punk, pop-rock then it could be worth it.
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I heard they're closing with Michael Ja-

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warped tour sucks
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Warped Tour Set list:

*generic screamo band setlist*
*generic pop punk band setlist*
*generic emo band setlist*
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I went, the only good bands there were Bad Religion and Anti-Flag that I saw, there were WAY too many scene kids there though....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many...