Whats a good meaning of a song that I can make? I don't want to write sad songs that relate to my life because when I am not sad, and I hear the song then I will remember how sad I was back then.
That's not something anybody can really tell you. And just because you are writing a song that relates to your life doesn't mean it has to be sad. You can write a song about how happy you are feeling, or something similar.

It doesn't have to be about something serious, either. A couple days ago, someone posted a piece about a cat. It was called Look At That Cat(I believe it was cubs..?). And it was actually quite good. It's just to say that you don't HAVE to write about something that's extremely personal or deep.

Also, look in the inspiration section of the tips sticky at the top of this forum. It should help you out a bit with getting ideas.
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