Okay, I'm in a band with two amazing guitarists, and I'm pretty average. The problem is, that everybody thinks that I'm ****e because they play all the awesome lead parts and I only ever play rhythm guitar, and our drummer and lead guitarist take all of the guitar glory. Does anybody have any suggestions for songs which will show people that I actually can play well?
Jesus Loves Me.

That's a joke, but if you said you're average, then you can't play "very well", can you?
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By average I mean I can play some solos, but I'm not brilliant. But I can at least hold a guitar, because somebody said that I was sh!t and they thought I was going to drop the guitar. And I know that I'm better than that.
And the drummer does a solo at the beginning with the lead guitarist. And then he sits down and plays the drums. Making me look like a total douche in comparison.