Well that was awesome. Loved that chorus theme you started with. The drums really made it great.
Verse is a nice variation from the chorus. Cool.
C fit nicely and was a good break from the other riffs.
Liked E a lot too.
F was alright. The drums really stole the spotlight there. But I like that.
Interlude and J is my favorite section to this song. Really nice groove.
M is a nice break from the fast tempo of the rest of the song.
Bass at 86 was really cool.
Now, I didn't care much for either outro. They were kinda boring for me.

Anyways, awesome song. Would be very cool with a vocal melody. 9/10 for awesomeness.

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I didnt like that random stop at 80 you should a cymbal in there puttin down the beat and only guitar? otherwise it was great
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This is awesome, dude. THIS is what should be considered groove-metal, NOT Lamb of God. This is really cool. I really like this. So many different vibes and changes. I really like it, man. Feel free to check out the stuff I put in my blog under SONGS C4C.
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