So I know all 5 positions of the minor pentatonic, how do I merge/play them together?
Just play one position after another or what?

Tabs would be helpful.
You could do that, or you can start in a position but move outside of it, as there are only five notes in the pentatonic scale. Also, you can use different positions depending on the chords underneath. If it's just a I, IV, V kind of progression (which I'm betting it is), then use the first position, Minor Pentatonic, for the I chord; the third position (which is really the fourth since you skip a diatonic note), Dorian Pentatonic, for the IV chord; and Phrygian Pentatonic another position up for the V chord.
Make up melodies with notes from the shapes. Add a bend here and a hammer-on there...
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It's got nothing to do with tabs, you're not actually aiming to join shapes together, you're aiming to make music. Linking the pentatonic shapes is something that will happen, if you look at any tabbed solo you'll see it, but it's just a means to an end. Don't make the mistake of not looking past the fretboard, the mechanics of playing the guitar are only part of the picture. There's only 5 notes in those patterns, they just keep repeating so make sure you can locate your root notes and you can use those as your initial references when looking to move between shapes. However you need to use your ears and brain to decide what sounds you want, use the chords you're playing over as references to help you navigate, listen to the results and if you don't like it do something different.
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