Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to post this but I'm hoping I'm at least close.

My pinky makes a small crack every time I bend it.
What it seems like is a vein is on top of the main joint that is bending,
when it bends, the vein goes to the side of the joint, when I undend, the vein goes back on top of the joint.
I was just wondering if anyone thinks this may be a problem.
There's no pain at all.
here let me get out my ph.d in biophysics..... oh wait, nobody here has one. you should prolly ask a dr. instead of a forum on music theory.
If it's "cracking", then it's not a vein. It sounds more like just a normal release of pressure in your pinky joints. If it's not painful, then I wouldn't worry about it. If it starts to become painful, you should definitely go to a doctor. Since--if you're playing guitar correctly--you use your pinky a lot, there is a possibility that you could be eroding the bone structure in your pinky. That, my friend, is something you do not want. Obviously.
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