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I haven't been practicing in ages so I decided to record this to get my choops somewhat back in shape. Since I recorded the whole thing today it's somewhat sloppy in some parts. Hopefully you'll like it

I will give you feedback on your stuff as well

PS: Be sure to check the Master of Puppets Guitar Cover and not the other MOP I have on my page.

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Hey, great stuff man! I liked the random effects you threw in like the flanger just before the interlude... really brought a new atmosphere to the song. The lead parts were a little sloppy but you say you're just warming up your chops so thats ok You have a nice guitar tone and can definantly play really well... good job. I enjoyed that

If ya wouldn't mind taking a look at my band's covers that would be cool. Maybe drop a line of feedback? Thanks

Thanks guys, I usually play just to show off so not not to everybody's tastes (hey I'm a guitar player right? ) , but after listening to it again I agree that the noodling ain't that cool haha, maybe I'll change it sometime . Thanks again for commenting.

I gave you some feedback as well Superstrat.
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Daaaaamn! The yell at the start was AWESOME! Sounded like Testament... xD

Riffing sounds good. A little less distortion and treble. Turn up the bass a little more. Lead toneat 2:40 sounds good. Melody was a little sloppy, and it lacked some soul (yes, even thrash metal should have some soul. ^^). First solo was a little sloppy as well, but you're good enough to straighten it up. Second solo was ok, not perfect, but not bad. The melodic guitar which came in was cool!

Overall, pretty good, but could've been much better. Don't stop practicing again!
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dude that sounded sick. i lieked the chorus effect in the middle haha it was pretty epic. also the solo sounded pretty good, it was original.

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Nice, Haha I like the Scream at the start. The Rhythm guitar could be abit more bassier though.
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I liked the intro scream... what did you do to get that effect? Clearly you have a deep voice but there was a bit of reverb or something to help you get a more kickass approach too.

I would say that this was a VERY good cover. A bit "show-offish" as the user above pointed out... but the show-offy parts were good, haha, so clearly you are backing up your muscle. I was a bit surprised there weren't any vocals in this other than the intro scream? I figured if it started w/ vocals it would contain them later on... so that was a bit confusing to me as a listener.

Other than that, find job. I wanted to give you some points to improve on... but honestly it kicked some ass at multiple levels so this is a 5 star performance.

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Thanks for the comments, sadly I can't take credit for the scream at the beginning. I could probably do it myself(not that cool though), but I don't have the recording gear set up for vocals quite yet. The scream has a quite a bit of delay on it actually, you can actually hear it echoing 2-3 times if you could solo the layer. I bought the vocals online, it's from the producer edition from Lamb of Gods - Sacrament
Thanks for the comments dudes.
I don't like your tone. Not the rhythm anyways. It sounds wimpy and non aggressive.
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Probably because there is no bass in there, only guitar. With bass I'm pretty sure the guitars would rip you a new one.
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i'd say the shredding on top of the chorus was a bit much but the other parts were solid.

Yeah, I agree. However, it was played very well, so there were really no problems in that department. Only a few notes during the first solo that I could tell were missing, and some parts of the second solo were a little sloppy, but it didn't stop it from kicking some ass.