I'm looking to mod my fender squier stratocaster. I've already found the pickups I want, but I can't find a neck that fits (9.5" Radius) or bridge that fits. Any suggestions?
the neck radius won't determine whether or not it fits, it's just the size of the join you have to worry about.

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it depends how much work you want to put into it. If you wanna put no effort into in then just get a standard fender style trem. But if you want to put effort in then either route out for a floyd rose or put a piece of wood into the back where the trem springs go. Then put a hardtail bridge in like a Gotoh and it'll sustain like a mummy lover.

I did the latter to my squier strat.
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Kahlers are made to drop onto strats. you may need to do a bit more top routing though. but the Super-Vee tremolo will work very well, and requires no mods.

the neck you posted the link for says it'll go with all lisenced fender bodies. and guitarfetish is legit.