Okay, I posted this here orginally and thought I'd posted it in the wrong place, but apparntly I was right, so here goes:

I'll be honest, I know Jack **** about bass amps. I'm gonna go to my local music shop in about a week or two to try out some stuff, so does anyone have any recommendations for me - considering tone and quality etc. I'm a classic rocker, so I like music from the early 1960s onwards. Don't ask about my current bass amp. My signature says it all.

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I've been using a Peavey Tour 700, that has been very good to me tone wise. I know there are amps that are probably better, but i definately enjoy my peavey.
Need your price range. Ampeg, acoustic and roland make good amps. Peavey makes some good amps too.
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I love my Line 6 Lowdown150. I got mine for $400 and have never regretted spending the money
trace elliot head on an eden cab...you have 3 grand right?

basically, if you spend over 500 bucks youll prolly get a good combo. not beringer..no not them at all. ever. ever.

peavey, ampeg trace elliot, eden, acoustic yeh those. go google
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