I'm looking to buy my first half stack because now that my band is starting to play shows my combo is not up to par. I have about $700 and was wondering what a good amp in that price range was? Keep in mind I need a cab as well. My band plays power/thrash metal if that helps at all.
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if you need cleans, get something like a classic 30 head and a distortion pedal.

if you dont, 6505 head/combo.

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if you need cleans, get something like a classic 30 head and a distortion pedal.

if you dont, 6505 head/combo.


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I feel its only fair to warn you, you are about to be hit by millions of anti half stack band wagoners. I recommend you take cover.
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but here are my suggestions.
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all of those are in your price range if you look hard enough in Ebay or craigslist.
and some of them also appears in combo form.
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Randall MTS! its the only thing i praise around here..
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Look for a used Mesa DC-10 head if you can. The Laney VH100 will work well too. you'll only have $200-$300 to spend on the cab though, so get a 2x12.

You'll definitely get more bang/buck with a combo, but you should be able to manage an okay halfstack in that price range. As long as you understand that they're no louder/better for gigging than combos, just a different sound.
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I'll suggest a randall, they seem amazing for thrash from what I've played, the cleans were meh though, you dont really NEED a half stack, a 212 or even 112 combo would work fine. Also mesa F series are good, you could find one used.