May I ask the board if anyone knows which is the most accurate tab of the guitar solo version of classical Gas?

I'm inclined towards the tab here:

Due to 355 votes and 5 star rating.

And the Guitar Pro file here:

Due to 25 votes and 5 star rating.

I emphasize I am after the guitar solo version and not the guitar+orchestra version.

It's just, there's so many versions on you-tube etc.. I wonder if any knew how accurate the above (or any other versions) are or the source of the tab/file?

Many thanks.
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I'd go with guitar pro as a general rule, they are more accurate
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the tab is pretty accurate although everyones version is a little different (eric clapton, tommy emmanuel, mason williams, to name a few). i used the tab you linked and "Mike Herberts" lessons on you tube. there are a few discrepencies but is a good starting point. I agree that GP files are usually more accurate as it is easy to miss a note or two when tabbing out a song the old fashion way, but ultimatly your the one playing it so just make it your own.