I have an old B.C. Rich Ironbird that I've had for years and it never worked.
I dug it out from under my bed today to try and fix it but I have no idea hot to. I brought it to a guy at a local music store who is usually good at fixing this but he had no idea how to either.
It's pretty standard; 1 volume, 1 tone, 3 way switch, but it also has a treble booster.
Now, I want to fix it just so it would make sound. I'd like to have volume control but that wouldn't really matter. I don't about the treble boost, tone, or even the pickup selector. Anyone want to give me some ideas on how to make it work?
Oh and any other cool stuff I could do it mod it would be nice too, I never use it so I wouldn't care about messing it up
And another thing, I looked for a wiring diagram for this setup but I could never find one, so there's no need of suggesting that.
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Take a look at those wiring diagrams. The guy at trhe music store didn't know how to do basic guitar wiring? I hope he wasn't the tech lol.
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