A girl i was kindof interested in invited me to a party.
I called her last night to see if it was still happening.
She said she wasnt sure and that she'd call me back
She didnt

So im sending her a message on facebook
i personally dont think its too rude:

Just for future reference:
If you tell a guy you'll call him back, do it
even if you dont want to see him.
Tell him you're busy. It saves him an evening of sitting around
and doing nothing with noone.
Especially if you ask him to wait around so that him parents dont pick up the phone.

sorry for bothering you.
Have a good summer

seriously though what u think?
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Hahaha you crack me up swansareroadkil.

:can't think of a smiley to put, your too cool:
that's being ****ing needy and childish. it proves that you have nothing better to do than sit around waiting for some chick.
well played, you should be proud
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I think you need to stop caring what people think about it. I stayed home all day today and masturbated like 5 times. Fucking blast.

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