So lately I've been trying to reanalzye my picking style and I think that one of my problems might be anchoring my wrist...

I see that when I play any fast passage that covers all 6 strings, the palm of my wrist stays in one place and I arc my hand/wrist downwards to go higher (making an arc across the strings).

I guess my question would be...is that bad/wrong? Should I be physically moving my wrist down as I go across the guitar neck or is that arc normal?

My pick hits the strings like this:

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i keep my wrist of my picking hand stationary as well. i hardly ever move my wrist and i use it to mute the strings i dont want played. i rest it just in front on the bridge
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It's not necessarily "wrong", but anchoring in any shape of form hinders your playing dramatically. I used to anchor my pinky. Once I learned not to anchor my pinky, I ended up anchoring my wrist. Both ways I was restricting myself. Once I learned to move freely and not anchor, my playing ability increased dramatically.

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I always had a hard time with these types of things and all it pretty much ever boils down to is what you are comfortable with in correlation with what makes sense to do, given the intensity of the music or if you have carpal tunnel haha. Whatever feels right is a general way to go I always found.
I've heard from a few people that anchoring holds you back but I don't really know how to go about changing my muscle memory from the last 5 years...any suggestions there?