Hey guys. I've been thinking about getting a Taylor T5 electric-acoustic.

Specifically, I'd like to get a Taylor T5 with a cherry sunburst finish.

However, when I went over to Musician's Friend, I noticed that the red edge burst finish was the only Taylor T5 available.

Check it out-


Did Taylor stop producing T5's in cherry sunburst?

If so- Where could I get a Taylor T5 in cherry sunburst?

Are there any Taylor players that could shed some light on this?
im not sure if they stopped making them, but I picked up a used cherry burst T5 for $1300! I was sold on the honey brown until I saw this thing in the store one day and I fainted. Mine is a 2005 model, which is why im not sure if they still make them. I dont see why they wouldnt though.

Once you get yourself a T5, PM me if you want and let me know how its turning out for you. I've been thinking about starting a T5 users guild type of thread where people can show pics and discuss their rigs and their opinions on its sound capabilities, but im not sure how many people here own one or are interested in them.