Hi guys.
I have been looking around for a new guitar, and I came across the Dean '79Z and the Dean ZX.
Now there is some difference in the money and the body, but I can't seem to find any other differences.
Can someone tell me the differences between them, and if one of these guitars is the right choice for me.
For the record: this is going to be my second guitar.

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well there isn't really any other than the wood and the bolt on neck

thats what makes the difference for me

the heel of their bolt ons are huge!
The ZX is either a paulownia or basswood body with a bolt-on Maple neck (I don't have my master catalog around me atm) and I think they're made in China, the 79 Series Z has a set mahogany neck/body with a Flamed Maple Top and made in Korea. The 79 Series has a nitro finish as opposed to the poly on the ZX. 79's also have better pickups and wiring.
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The 79 is waaay better than the ZX. I own the ZX, and it's nothing more than a starter guitar.