Im trying to figure out what i should do.

My friend and I are trying to start a band (he's bassist, I'm the guitar) and we recently found a drummer the jam with. He has a professional recording studio in his basement, complete with a drum set and guitar and bass amps galore. The problem is that he isn't very good. He isn't terrible, but hes just not....good. Would it be worth it to continue jamming with him and keep the recording studio and try to work with him or just try to find a new, better drummer?
Whats the point of 'using' someone if they aren't any use (sure he may have a recording studio, but your band is only as good as its weakest member, and yes I totally re-arranged that corny quote from somewhere else)?
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Why not? Unless you've got regular gigging commitments, it can be good to take on an inexperienced drummer - as they learn they'll grow into the mould of the band, so you eventually end up with someone who fits your style perfectly. He'll learn a lot faster from it, and in turn you guys will benefit from his equipment and enthusiasm. If the guy seems serious enough about drumming, I say go for it.
use someone for their possessions vs. not working with someone because they arent good enough for you.
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Yeah i wouldnt use him for his recording studio if you dont want him because hes not good. Thats messed up, if anything you should want him for his skills
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i started in a band with a guitarist and a drummer that had been playing a few months along with me
we all really improved as a band and although i was asked to leave cos i sucked at guitar i am now the singer bassist and we have another guitarist
because we all started from similar levels we are really tight as a band and just as friends
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This really depends on how bad he really is. If he's so bad that you can't play a song with him, move on. If he could improve with practice, push him a little to practice more, I found that I improved more easily on drums than guitar, so he should be okay if he applys himself. A professional studio is certainly an advantage for a band, and if you get along well with him, go for it.
Keep playing with him and see how you feel after more practice with him.
Give him time. If he still sucks, or isn't up to par, kick him out, nicely, to remain close with him . Anyone can learn