I need a small bass b/c I am a beginner. I think I'm going to get a Fender Affinity, but I just wanted 2 know if there were any other ones under $150
if u mean a small bass like a short scale bass go for a gretsch Junior jet, its a way short scale bass, its only a half inch longer than my friends les paul guitar so this thing will definitely suit u if u like small size, and also it sounds great it has a single humbucker pickup and the tone changes so much you can go from a warm jazzy sound then turn the nob to 10 and its suddenly a punchy but clear precision sound. So id say go for that, its only 250 at least at my guitar center thats how much it was. And i love it...
For my starter bass I got a Rogue LX200B Series II. I think that it is a perfect starter bass, especially considering the $120 price tag. If you need a shorter scale model then there is the SX100B
I bought my bass for... 160€ and it's pretty good!
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If you mean a short-scale, probably the ibanez mikro.

and if you do want one, purely because you're a beginner, don't. There is absolutely no reason to get one. I pretty much guarantee that you're way bigger than you'd normally be to get a short scale.

If not, FAQ
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If you mean a small neck, get a Squier Jazz bass, or a starter Ibanez.
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