Ok so i was making my usual rounds on Craigslist when i saw an ad titled "Custom Ibanez Iceman". For $1200 i was expecting someone that upgraded a stock iceman maybe with new pickups and a new bridge, but i open it and to my surprise stumbled upon this crazy piece of work! I figured i'd share it because i've never seen anything like this before and thought it was quite interesting.


What really got me was the bridge- apparently some kind of Kahler.

Specs taken from the ad posted:

* Solid Mahogany Boogy Body.
* Original Iceman neck
* Kahler Locking nut
* Kahler Adjustable Bridge and Bar
* DiMarzio Super distortion Humbucker Pickups
* Custom pearl flame paint job
* Body cut out in back for high-end playing * Original Ibanez Iceman case
That's awesome! I love the heel, or lack thereof. The locking nut is super cool. But I don't really like flames on guitars =/
I like flamed maple, but not flames.
Thats awesome. Not big on the flames, but overall the upgrades look sick.
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that trem is absolutely awesome.

where does the line start to test drive this guitar?
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