My dad got a couple of acoustic guitars from a client of his, and they play like crap in my opinion, but they look kind of old and I thought it was worth asking about their value, if any. I doubt they're really worth anything, but I was just curious. Apparently the client bought them from a pawn shop for super cheap.

One's a small child-size Bently, with a sticker on the headstock that says "Steel Reinforced neck". It's got old-fashioned style tuners with the little gears. (sorry, I'm kinda clueless when it comes to acoustic guitars, as you can see ). The sticker on the inside says Bently Guitars: Model No. 4299. Apparently the client paid a dollar for it.

The other one is a full-size Kay acoustic, tobacco burst finish. The number on the inside says L2136. Then around that it has a bunch of other stamped numbers offset: P-40, N-2, 6d. They paid $5 for this one.

I thought it was worth asking, because they're just taking up space and if I could get rid of them on craigslist and make a little money that would be cool.
I know... I have a digital camera but I lost the USB cord to it... hold on, maybe I can find it. Like I said, I doubt that they're worth much, since to my understanding Kays were the equivalent of the Wal-Mart Starcasters.
some kays sound great, and the ones i saw at true tone music a couple weeks ago were new and definitely not wal-mart style. they have a bashed up old used kay at sam ash by my place that's over $400. on the other hand, it don't play like ****...