So I unfortunately have to sell my SG, I refuse to sell my Rick 330, for money reasons, but still need a good crunch guitar. I tried out many different bargain brands. I ate epiphone, I have ibanez, etc. There were two brands that I found which I liked. Washburn and PRS. I have narrowed my search down to three choices. I have played the WI45 and the PRS, but not the WI26. Has anyone played one of these? anyways, I like both guitars that I played, but cant decide. i need a second opinion.

Washburn Idol WI45


Washburn WI26

PRS SE Soapbar

I actually saw that one too and have heard great things about it. It was like 850 at this guitar shop I went to in Newport which is why I didnt get it. Thanks, I'll most likely end up with this.
I would do with idol WI45, between the three is the one that it is in the middle in terms of its price. Is the one that has better hardware and Washburns, for what I've seen til now are well built. If the PRS had humbuckers instead of P-90's I would go with the PRS, but thats not the case.
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