It appears that the previous exercise thread is being archived and we have not yet created another one yet... But I had a small question (I'll leave the big thread making to someone else).

When I lift, I do not do like 15 repetitions and then finish the set... instead I do however many reps possible before I'm tired. Then I rest for two minutes or something like that and do some more. Is this a bad way of going at it?

Is this what some people call "single-set training"?

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Actually it's the "Official Exercise and Nutrition Thread *READ FIRST POST!!!* " thread now. Look that up
what you should do is 15 a set.. then on your final one have a burn out and go up til your tired.
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Thanks for the reply guys...

And I didn't realize there was a new thread already, I'll take my question there.

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You should try a slight variant of that called 'work-to-failure'.

Here's how to do it:
1) Do a couple of reps to warm up at a comfortable weight.
2) Pick a number of reps to do per set. In this example, I'll use 15.
3) Do the heaviest weight you can possibly lift for 15 reps.
4) Repeat step 3 for as many sets as you can until you can't lift the dumbells/barbells.
5) Repeat step 4 for a lighter weight.

Keep doing step 5 until you can't lift the lightest possible weight.
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not even 15 (if you can do 15, then it is too light and you wont build muscle that way) this is the best way to lift and build muscle and get a great workout:

do something you can do 8-10 reps of... then once your done increase the weight and do another set of about 8 reps if possible 6-8 is good...

then your next set can either be another of your previous weight, increase the weight slightly and struggle to finish 6-8 reps... or you can just do 3 sets total (3 or 4 is a good amount)

and for your last set (whether it is your 3rd and finial or 4th and final set) increase to weight high and max out (struggling to only be able to get up something approx 2 or 3 times)... this is prolly the best way...

THEN after you max out if you really really wanna break your muscle down and get a really good lift then after you finish your 3 or 4 sets and max out, strip down the weight (145 is a good number for experienced lifters...unless you max out at a low weight)

then do burnouts which is like you described, going until you cant anymore... do that with a low weight, a good weight for that would be like what you started out with and maybe a lil lighter.... good luck man!
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